KIT 8 dBi Antenna for Helium Outdoor Hotspot


Fantastic 8dBi antenna kit with 5 meters of cable.
Ideal for the UG65 hotspot. Valid for 868 / 915MHz frequencies.

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Material: fiberglass
Radiator material: copper
Connector type: n-male
Color: white
Antenna height: 55cm
Antenna diameter: 2cm

Frequency: 868 / 915MHz
Maximum gain: 8dBi
Radiation type: omnidirectional
Polarization: Vertical
Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohm
Maximum input power: 50W
S.W.R. : ≤ 1.5


Fixing method: 2 pcs will be provided. Of stainless mounting rings


Material: 3D-FB, less signal loss than RG58 cable

Length: 5m

Cable Connector: starts with SMA Female and ends with SMA male

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