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This is the best Enclosure Box ( The unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour ), that you can find on the market, it comes with fixing points for the Box and also for an antenna.

We bring this for everyone who has bought or is willing to buy a hotspot from MahTec Miner, this box is suitable for the SenseCAP M1 HotSpot and the MerryIoT/Browan V1 HotSpot. ( for any other hotspot suitablity, check the dimensions of the Enclosure ).

This is the most easy and fast way to adapt your indoor hotspot set-up to an outdoor set-up, its quite easy to install and will completly protect your device from the worst weather conditions.

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Material:  ABS installation
Mode:  Wall hanging, pole hanging, wall hanging, outdoor, indoor and other

box mahtecminer

HotSpots Suitable:

  • SenseCAP M1
  • MerryIoT V1.

Suitable Antennas:


Dimensions Enclosure Box | MahTec Miner

Height: 330mm

Widht: 260mm

Deepth: 100mm


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