Royal Club MahTec Miner

Dear friends.

We are releasing today the “Royal Club MahTec Miner”, a club made only for our most valued customers.

The human team of MahTec Miner, is working hard day to day, improving on every single thing you can imagine, coming up with new ideas to amaze all of you, we are multiple-disciplinary, we learn from our mistakes and successes to keep growing as a team and give our best to the community.

The following days, we are going to announce the selected members, each of you are going to receive an Email with your card and some hidden links with keys fullfill of suprises and news.

This are an small part of the advantages from being a Royal Club MahTec Miner member.

Buying hotspot on physical stock with the fastest delivery we can offer, before any other customer.

Buying unic products only available for Members.

Being able to take part on give-aways

Being able to take part on contests.

Receiving the announces of the up-coming releases from new products before any customer.

Being the firsts ones to reserve the fast-delivery Batchs.

And many many more things that we are going to add.


Coming soon: Contest:”The Golden HotSpot”, Contest:”The world hotspot team league”.

We really appreciate everyone who supports MahTec Miner, its a pleasure having you guys as customers, partners and friends.