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News 2022

The year 2021 for MahTec Miner

Has been a year full of challenges and achievements, of negotiations and agreements. A very intense year where we have managed to reach our objectives and especially LEARN. We are a young startup wanting to always give the best of ourselves to our clients and the community. For these reasons we start the year with many novelties, all of great value to continue growing and above all to offer a better service to our customers.

These are some of the news that we offer you at the beginning of 2022:

Software and hardware

After having suffered the most atrocious attacks on our server and our website, we started the year with our own servers and managed 100% by our company personnel, without third-party dependencies.

We have also created this new website, a much more complete website, where in addition to the Online Store, we also have a Blog to be able to be more united to the community, offering information and news in real time and also so that you can participate with your posts.

New domain .io

From now on, our domain is, we opted for .io because it reflects much more where we want to go with our products, we are going to incorporate many more technological products, from ecological mining to Artificial Intelligence. This year will be full of surprises and news.

Regarding the .com domain, it will be redirected page by page to the .io in order not to lose the SEO positioning that we have achieved in these months. Customers who have an account in the .com, you can continue using that account until you receive the orders.

Better control for the sale of the Batches

From now on, all the batches of products that we put out for sale will have a starting number and an ending number, thus, each client will know and have the security of what their batch is and when they will receive it.

New additions to MahTec Miner

Thanks to you, for your trust and your requests, you have managed to get 5 more people to have a good steady job.

New Web Master Pro. Its functions include protecting, maintaining and managing the servers and the website.

New Community Manager. The world of communication and social networks is very important to us. Now we can say that we officially have a Community Manager. Rocio, will be in charge of attending you on social networks and ensuring that MahTec Miner has a greater presence.

New addition for customer service.

2 more positions to strengthen logistics and warehouses.

Better customer service

Our main objective is to be able to respond to all your inquiries in real time and those that cannot be answered in real time for reasons of schedules, that never exceed 12 hours to be answered.

For this we have created in addition to the ticket system for corporate emails, another ticket system in our official Discord channel to attend to incidents, doubts or queries about orders placed. And we have also created a “WikiMahTec” in our Discord, a space to be able to consult how to solve technical problems and in case of not finding answers, formulate them in the channel, in order to create a GREAT MANUAL of technical solutions among the entire community.

The summary of how we are going to meet your demands is as follows:

  • Corporate emails (, and, will be attended through tickets in real time or a maximum of 12 hours.
  • Incidents or inquiries about orders and / or payments will be made through a ticket in our Discord channel.
  • Queries or incidents about technical support will be dealt with in the WikiMahTec of our Discord channel, these queries may be answered by our staff or any member of the community who has the solution to the question raised.
  • And for very urgent matters we have created a WhatsApp

We hope that all these measures are to your liking and help us to offer you the best possible service.

New Mining Systems

At this time, we are negotiating with several manufacturers of mining systems other than Helium, with additions for February and March.

Our main objective is to be able to offer our community new business opportunities so that they continue to increase their profits. For these “New Miners”, MahTec Miner clients will have priority, only MahTec Miner clients will be able to buy the batches of the new miners and if they are left over they will be put on general sale.

New manufacturers of Helium miners

For this year we plan to be Official Distributors of other Helium mining manufacturers, always betting on the quality of the product and the commitment to delivery.

And we started the year as Official Distributors of SenseCap. For those of you who still do not know SenseCap, we can say that it is the third manufacturer in volume of Helium miners, exceeding 50,000 units installed worldwide and also say that it is the BEST VALUED for the fulfillment of its dates of delivery. SenseCap fulfills its deliveries on schedule at 100% until today.

We have already purchased 5 batches of hotspot from SenseCap which are the following:

  • Batch 1:  mid-February
  • Batch 2:  March
  • Batch 3:  April
  • Batch 4:  May
  • Batch 5:  June

* Possibly we will be able to increase the sales quantities

These are some of the news that we have planned for this beginning of the year, but they are not the only ones, we have some surprises that will come out later.

Thank you very much and Happy new year 2022