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Who is MahTec Miner?

We are a startup with a great multidisciplinary highly qualified team, who love new technologies, new business units, crypto art, mining, the complex world of cryptocurrencies and the world of Helium.

Our motto is “Excellence in service and quality is everything”.

Our intention is to bring all our knowledge and know-how to the world of Helium and create a great Mahtec Miner community.

Our objectives is to have a large participatory community to share knowledge, leisure, projects and new business units to all our clients and suppliers.

Our Manufacturers

We only partner with manufacturers that meet the highest standards of quality and service.
And we are always open to include in our catalog new providers who contribute the following:

  • Mining and IoT Technology

    We are committed to new business units and those
    already known. And we demand the highest quality
    and certifications.

  • Delivery Times

    We want manufacturers that have an initial stock and
    excellent programming to be able to deliver the
    products in the shortest possible time.

  • Technical Support

    It is an essential condition that our partners have
    a good team of engineers to be able to offer the
    best technical support to their products.

  • Element
  • Element
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The Best Manufacturers

In our product catalog you will only find the best in the sector.

Best Waiting Times

We offer the best waiting times for Helium mining.

Best prices

Always with the best relationship: Quality - Price - Delivery Time.


When What Will Happen


First steps

A group of professionals of new technologies, we join the Helium world to create a prestigious and quality distributor.

Agreements with Manufacturers

After several months of negotiations, business trips, agreements and meetings, we got several interesting projects.

Contract with RisingHF

We signed our first contract with RisingHF and we are its Official Distributors and exclusively for Europe and the Middle East.

Official Milesight Distributors

Official Milesight Distributors We reached an agreement with Milesight to be one of their Official Distributors worldwide.

Creation of New Society

We created a new company 100% oriented to our objective products and distribution systems worldwide. This Company is MahTec Miner SL.

MahTec Miner LLC

The MahTec Miner LLC is created with headquarters in Orlando (USA), to serve the market in the United States, Canada and South America

We open the Online Store

In mid-October we opened the online store and we sell all RisingHF and Milesight Batch in record time


We become Browan / MerryIoT distributors for your miner and IoT products.


To end the year, we managed to become Official Distributors of SenseCap and buy 5 Batch by 2022

Start 2022

We start the year with many new features, some will be incorporated at the beginning of the year and others little by little. And as an example, we launched the first batch of SenseCap for sale with delivery in early February.<br />P.S. We will continue to inform

General Information

Links of interest for general information about MahTec Miner.

Return and Refund Policy

Please read before buying. Thanks.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.

Cookies Policy

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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions Policy.


Answers to frequently asked questions

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About Us

Meet the MahTec Miner team of workers


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Special Collaborators

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Customer Support

We care about offering excellence in service

Juanma Aguilera

WebMaster Pro

I am in charge of the proper functioning of the website and the servers.

Axel Benítez

Customer Service

My mission is to serve clients and provide solutions in the shortest time possible.

Adrián Ramos


My goal is to solve all doubts about technical questions about our products.

Top 10 reasons to shop at MahTec Miner

for the quality, for the price, for the technical service, for the customer service, for the urgent shipments, for the variety of miners, for the community, for the promotions, for the professionalism, for everything,